The Fi Innovation Awards is the leading national awards of food ingredients and food products industry. The awards aim to encourage and recognize innovation, to contribute to recognition and business expansion, as well as the valuation of its professionals and creating benefits for the end consumer.

FIBERVITA, with its pioneering and innovative technology in the development of multifunctional and healthy ingredients, is participating at Fi Innovation Awards with the ingredient FIBERVITA MF 106.

FIBERVITA MF 106 is an ingredient with sensory features superior to other fibers, in terms of color, taste and odor, and provides technology and multifunctional properties, including: rheological stabilizer in various food matrices (low pH, high temperature, mechanical and thermal stress/shear), thickener, shelf-life and softness extender, expander, creaming agent, syneresis reducer, replacement of starches and derivatives, fat substitute, water activity reducing agent, slicing and biting enhancer among many others.

The ingredient presents healthiness appeals, such as: sources of fibers, calorie reducer, low glycemic index, gluten-free, GMO-free and allergen-free. The technical originality also translates into low (aw), high fluidity and excellent dispersibility.

The competitive advantage that FIBERVITA brings to the market involves an innovative production process, which main raw material is a non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, allergen-free, and involves three distinct steps (thermochemical and enzymatic treatment, drying and milling). All the know-how / why-how aims to enhance its application characteristics (emulsification, rheological stability, water and oil absorption, homogenizer, texturizer, expansion and extension of shelf life, etc.) with minimal modification of their properties, setting the ingredient in the marketing trend of clean-label.

The FIBERVITA MF 106 ingredient also adds value to products in which it is incorporated, and to end consumers, as it is free of GMOs, allergens and gluten, vegan friendly, as well as rich in dietary fibers and a source of low-glycemic index complex carbohydrates (smart-carbs).

Pioneering and innovation already reaching achievements: the ingredient FIBERVITA MF 106 is among the five finalists in The Most Innovative Food Ingredient category.


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